A cookie is an automatic tool for collecting commonly used data. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the computer or on the user’s device by the websites visited or by the HTML e-mails that are opened on the browser, to make websites work or to work more efficiently.
ARTECO SRL uses cookies and other tracking technologies on its websites and in its emails in order to:


• Ensure the proper functioning of our website and the correct delivery of legitimate electronic communications elettroniche legittime;

• Customize the information presented to the user based on browsing preferences

• Collect statistics on the use of the website

• Collect information on actions taken by the user in the email sent (reading through image pixels or tracking clicks)


Types of cookies

Cookies can be classified into:

– Session cookies: which are removed when the user closes the browser and therefore have a limited duration to the visit;

– Permanent cookies: which remain in the device used to surf the Internet for a specific time. These cookies have typical expiry dates and, therefore, their duration varies depending on the cookie used.

– Proprietary cookies and third-party cookies: depending on whether they belong to the owner of the website or to a third party.


For its websites and other online services ARTECO SRL uses the following cookie categories:

1) Essential cookies: they are necessary to provide services and features available through our websites. Without these cookies, the services the user might need, such as shopping carts, could not be provided.

2 Analysis cookies: these cookies allow us to perfect our websites by monitoring and analyzing user behavior and creating their profiles in order to make improvements to our websites that make navigation easier.

For example, analysis cookies can help us keep track of which pages are visited frequently, what are the user’s preferences, which products have already been viewed to prevent replay, if the advertising that is posted on the website is effective or not, if and what difficulties the user encounters in using the site.

In order to analyze how the websites are used, ARTECO SRL also uses the Google Analytics web analytics service provided by Google. In particular, Google Analytics uses cookies (both temporary and permanent) in order to collect, anonymously, information on how our website is used by users that will be transmitted by the user’s browser on Google’s servers. in the United States. The information collected will be used by Google for the purpose of evaluating the use of the website by the user, compiling reports on website activity useful to operators of the same site and providing other services related to website activity and all use of the internet..
Further information about the Google Analytics service and the procedures to be followed to disable cookies can be found the following links:

These data do not allow the user to be personally identified: all the data collected are aggregated and as such anonymous.

3) Third Party Cookies and Social Media Cookies: using this website could be stored cookies controlled by third parties. This information is totally controlled by third-party companies as described in the respective privacy policies. In order not to receive third-party cookies, the user can: follow the procedures below to disable cookies on your browser or access the information and consent forms of the third parties indicated below and exclude the receipt.







Do Not Track function

Here are several ways to prevent tracking of online activity. One of these is to set a preference in the browser that warns the websites you visit that you do not want to collect certain data about you. This is referred to as a Do-Not-Track (“DNT”) signal. Note that our websites may not recognize or act in response to DNT signals from web browsers. There is currently no universally accepted standard for what a company needs to do when a DNT signal is detected. In case a definitive standard is established, we will evaluate how to respond adequately to these signals. For more detailed information on cookies, Do-Not-Track and other tracking technologies, visit and


Changes to the cookie policy

ARTECO SRL reserves the right to make changes to this cookie policy. The user agrees to be bound to any such future revisions and therefore undertakes to periodically visit this page to be informed of any changes.



Given the nature of the services offered by our website, our servers maintain system logs (web servers, database servers and application servers) for the sole purpose of preventing unauthorized access, not receiving the malicious code and ultimately monitoring “denial of service” attacks.

Only for these purposes are some identifying data, including the IP address, the type of browser, the operating system, the date / time and the complete URL or the action requested by the user.

ARTECO SRL declares that such data will never be used for other purposes, let alone for marketing activities and will never be transferred to third parties.

It is also declared that the system logs are treated in a secure manner, with limited access to system administrators, archived with cryptographic techniques and maintained for a limited time in accordance with the security reasons described above.



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