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Project management - Services

A single project manager follows every stage of the order, collecting the client's design requests and coordinating with the various departments within the company, monitoring the progress of production while respecting the delivery times and the quality of the manufacturing.


Produzione - Services

Artisanship, together with modern technologies meet to unite materials of our tradition with more modern ones. Carpenters, decorators, glassmakers and blacksmiths, inside the company, collaborate with a large group of selected suppliers to create custom-made furniture.

Progettazione e design - Services

A style office dedicated to assisting the client in defining the project, starting from the study of the concept up to the presentation, through modern programs, of the complete three-dimensional package and the construction tables followed by the production of the single furnishing complement.


Logistica e allestimento - Services

Each production is appropriately controlled, packaged, insured and shipped to any part of the world through certified partners who monitor the route to its destination. The set-up is entrusted to expert technicians to guarantee a precise result in total safety and compliance.

Mock up 1 - Services

Presentare in anteprima un elemento d’arredo completo o un suo dettaglio per valutare assieme al cliente il risultato estetico e funzionale intervenendo con eventuali modifiche alla sua definizione precisa prima della produzione. Un dettagliato set di campionature verrà ogni volta consegnato al cliente per definire l’attenta scelta di materiali, finiture e cromie.

Chiavi in mano 2 06 - Services

Through Studio Contract, a company of the Arteco group, we offer the "Turnkey" service following the construction of the building and plant engineering works and completing the offer with the lighting study and the supply of different lighting fixtures.


Some of our creations carried out over the years.

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